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GreenBug's Healthy Salad Meal

GreenBug's Healthy Salad Meal

GreenBug's Healthy Salad Meal

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PRE ORDER, SAME DAY DELIVERY, &6PM LAST ORDER. WE PROVIDE LOCKER FOR FOOD DELIVERY. Delivery studio: -FITsy Sri Petaling -FITsy SS2 Sesame Honey Soy Saba Fish with Kale Mix Ingredients: Saba fish, steamed corn, edamame, cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumber, Tuscan kale, curly kale, purple kale, Japanese kale. All GreenBugs' products needs to be consumed within 3 days and must be kept refrigerated if there's no immediate consumption. You may remove certain items for reheat but do not reheat the salad greens.

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